About RB

RB is an IT service centre for the Icelandic financial market covering all aspects of IT services: development, maintenance and operations of IT-systems. RB has been a long standing service provider for the Icelandic financial market.  Our solutions are operated in multiple datacentres on robust infrastructure that is required for operations of mission critical financial systems.  All of our systems are set up in a shared multi-bank environment where operational security and cost efficiency are the main drivers.

Our solution stack is thus tailored to support a great variety of business objectives. Our solutions can play a critical role in supporting our customer’s efforts to innovate, by providing them with a development platform that enables them to put full focus on enhancing customer experience and shortening time to market with new products. The open architecture enables customers to connect their own development or third party solutions, to a standard core banking engine.  To ensure cost optimization and security we offer shared standard international solutions for core banking. Our primary software partner is Sopra Banking Software, which has over 500 financial customers worldwide.

From 2011 RB has taken significant steps to renew and broaden its service offering to fully support needs of Icelandic financial organizations.

Organizational Chart


The role of RB is to increase the efficiency of technological operations in financial companies in Iceland.  RB attains this by offering standard shared banking solutions, thereby reducing costs for financial companies in connection with the development and management of their IT systems.


RB’s strategy is to:

  • Use internationally recognized and modern core banking solutions that take full advantage of modern technology to enable RB and our customers to focus on localisation and new products rather than maintenance of core solutions.
  • Offer open and secure infrastructure platform based on the utilization of private cloud technology and provide the bank with all the tools to create their own for customized solutions in all business layers and channels without the cost of maintaining and operating all the tools and the environment needed for operations.
  • Offer secure infrastructure services (IaaS) through a virtualized cloud to optimize the cost and security of  hardware operations

Security and Cost Efficiency

All of our systems are set up in a shared multi-bank environment where operational security and cost efficiency are the main drivers